Offshore Naval Engineering

-Floating Stability Analysis

-Transportation & Longitudinal Strength Analysis

-Mooring Analysis

-Motion Analysis

-Loadout Analysis

-Jacket Upending Analysis (1-block, 2-block)

-Offshore Lift Engineering

-Launch Analysis

-Float-over Analysis

-Workability Analysis 

Offshore Naval Engineering

The ocean environment is inherently challenging, with everything in the ocean having to contend with formidable forces of wind, waves, and currents. The complexity is heightened by the fact that multiple assets often work in tandem, interconnected by mechanical components. At Inventocean, we specialize in engineering these intricate marine scenarios. Before you deploy your assets into the harsh ocean environment, we develop intricate computer models of these interconnected assets and conduct advanced marine simulations in ocean environments. By thoroughly analyzing their behavior in marine settings, we offer cost-effective and innovative solutions, identify favorable weather windows, and, if necessary, recommend measures to reinforce the assets. Our engineering approach is driven by the goal of de-risking your valuable marine projects. Below are the list of services we provide for your marine projects:

Our Projects

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