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Engineering Service Provider :

The ocean environment is inherently challenging, with everything in the ocean having to contend with formidable forces of wind, waves, and currents. The complexity is heightened by the fact that multiple assets often work in tandem, interconnected by mechanical components. At Inventocean, we specialize in engineering these intricate marine scenarios. Before you deploy your assets into the harsh ocean environment, we develop intricate computer models of these interconnected assets and conduct advanced marine simulations in ocean environments. By thoroughly analyzing their behavior in marine settings, we offer cost-effective and innovative solutions, identify favorable weather windows, and, if necessary, recommend measures to reinforce the assets. Our engineering approach is driven by the goal of de-risking your valuable marine projects.

Technology Partner :

At Inventocean, we’re dedicated to maximizing ocean space utilization for sustainable energy and food solutions. With extensive experience in marine projects and engineering, including various types of offshore floaters, we are developing advanced ocean technologies such as offshore floating wind and solar, as well as marine aquaculture tech, harnessing the vast energy potential of the sun and sea. We envision coastal economies achieving energy and sustainable food production through efficient resource utilization. Furthermore, we collaborate with tech companies to simulate their concepts using our advanced computer models, reducing the need for costly basin testing. Inventocean is committed to advancing the renewable energy and food infrastructure of our oceans in alignment with the net-zero vision.

Meet The Team

Rahul Kanotra, CEng. (UK)

Rahul Kanotra, the Founder of Inventocean, is a pioneering leader in offshore renewable energy with over 15 years of experience in marine and offshore engineering. Holding a dual master’s and bachelor’s degree in naval architecture and ocean engineering from the renowned IIT Madras, he has extensive knowledge in marine and structural engineering, specializing in various types of floaters, including FSPVs, Spars, TLPs, Semisubmersibles, and FPSOs. As a Chartered Engineer recognized by the Engineering Council of the UK, his expertise extends to engineering mooring and anchoring systems for challenging weather conditions in regions such as the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, and the Middle East.
Passionate about hydrodynamics, Rahul has authored numerous research papers on the interaction of floating bodies with the sea and has significantly contributed to the floating solar industry by developing mooring and anchoring systems for multiple floating solar plants with a combined capacity exceeding 150 MW. He was granted a patent related to a system and method for mooring and anchoring floating solar arrays on the water surface. His innovative contributions are further highlighted by his development of India’s first floating offshore wind turbine floater with a scalable and easily manufacturable design. 
Currently participating in the ongoing DNV Joint Industry Project, Rahul is contributing to the development of mooring and anchoring guidelines for the floating solar industry. His solid practical experience in the floating solar industry, combined with his proficiency in using MOSES software and developing macros for installation engineering, underscores his expertise.
Rahul is passionate about harnessing the vast ocean resources to achieve sustainability and energy independence. He advocates for the development of cost-effective ocean technologies, including offshore wind, floating solar, wave power, and more.

Chhaya Kori, B.Tech – IIT KGP

Chhaya Kori is a distinguished Naval Architect with a B.Tech in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture from IIT Kharagpur. She brings a wealth of expertise to Inventocean, encompassing engineered lift studies, mooring analysis, stability analysis, motion response studies, fatigue analysis, Python data handling and automation, as well as proficient project management skills. Noteworthy among her contributions is her exceptional management of a comprehensive floating solar project, which involved conducting shadow analysis, optimizing water usage and evaporation rates, evaluating Capex-Opex considerations, overseeing SLD-SCADA implementation, and designing an efficient cleansing system. During her tenure at IIT Kharagpur, Chhaya demonstrated outstanding multitasking abilities, earning recognition as an Institute Blue awardee and a two-time recipient of the Athlete Excellence Award. Furthermore, she clinched the prestigious Ankik Dhar Trophy and has since ascended to the status of a National Level Swimmer. Continuously driven by a thirst for knowledge and skill enhancement, Chhaya remains steadfast in her pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Mohammad Akbar, B.Tech (Mech)

Mohammad Akbar is a Design Engineer at Inventocean, holding a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, where he graduated with first-class honors. During his studies, Mohammad completed a three-month internship at Suzuki Automobile and Internshala, focusing on the design and manufacturing of automobile parts. Additionally, he worked on various academic projects, including the development of a multi-operational mechanical machine. With over two years of experience in design, Mohammad specializes in CAD designing and 3D modeling, utilizing tools such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MOSES Modeler, Autodesk Inventor, and Rhinoceros. He also has expertise in manufacturing, particularly with ArtCAM and Carveco. Known for his excellent time management skills, Mohammad consistently demonstrates his proficiency in managing complex design projects efficiently.

Hariharan MS, M.Tech (Naval Arch. & Ocean Engg.)

Hariharan M S is one of Inventocean’s first employees, exceling as a Naval Architect. He completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from an Anna University-affiliated institution and his postgraduate degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from Indian Maritime University, Visakhapatnam, graduating with first-class distinction. During his postgraduate studies, Hariharan designed a 16,000-tonne deadweight shuttle tanker using Maxsurf software and conducted mooring and structural analysis of a SPAR platform in MOSES, in collaboration with the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). He is proficient in AutoCAD, MOSES Modeler, and Maxsurf.
Hariharan leads and collaborates with a team of talented professionals in designing mooring and anchor systems, conducting stability and lift analysis of vessels, performing upending analysis, and carrying out structural analysis of jacket platforms. He is also skilled in reverse engineering of vessels.
Beyond his professional work, Hariharan enjoys watching biopics and reading biographies. He is passionate about fitness and loves exploring hill stations. 

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